This last week of November offers an important moment of reflection for us as Ursulines of the Roman Union. The special days during this week provide the opportunity to consider again the gifts that we have received because we are daughters of St Angela, women of her Company, and members of the Roman Union – this Global Community.



Ministry in Covid-19 Times

“We are reminded of the many ways of quiet ministry in our lives, and in life that abounds around us. The little healings of the silent breaches, the great redemptive acts when times are out of joint, the lifting of our horizons of hope when to have hope seems to be against all wisdom and against all judgment…” These words of Howard Thurman seem to capture the heart and soul of the ministry reflections shared in this issue of Heartbeats, service deeply rooted in St. Angela’s call to “keep faith and hope alive.”



Let your principal recourse be to gather at the feet of Jesus Christ

October 2020
Let your principal recourse
be to gather
at the feet of Jesus Christ



Keeping Faith and Hope Alive

As Heartbeats continues to explore “St. Angela Merici, A Woman of Faith and Hope,” we are guided by Angela’s words in the Prologue to her Counsels, “Have hope and firm faith in God who will help you in everything.”



September 2020
To be most vigilant shepherds
and good servants.
(by sr Moekti Gondosasmito, osu)



Angela Merici, A Woman of Faith and Hope

Heartbeats is happy to be back after its summer break, and such a different summer it has been for all of us! The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined; and as we move into another season, we continue to wrestle with the unknowns of what truly lies ahead.



From time to time I stand on the terrace here at the Generalate and watch as the sun sets on the day. I did this recently, in the evening of the summer solstice, 20th June, when the sunset lasted for almost 40 minutes. It was as if the sun did not want to disappear that night!  As I allowed myself to be absorbed in the beauty of the subtly changing colors, I knew that on the other side of the globe, this same sun would soon rise on a mid-winter day in Australia.



Thank you to so many of our Heartbeats readers for sharing your reflections on the ways COVID-19 has invited you to live in new and more intentional ways St. Angela’s spirit of hospitality. This issue of Heartbeats is a bit longer than usual, but we wanted to honor, however briefly or in summary, each response we received to these questions: As you reflect on your share in Angela’s spirit of hospitality and on the ways COVID-19 has impacted you and …



Have faith and firm hope that God will assist you in everything

These are unprecedented times, indeed. In the midst of the world-wide pandemic of Covid-19, we are aware, in a most unexpected way, of our reality as a Global Community moving into New Life.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.     (Lao Tzu)

It is a little over a month since the members of the new General Council joined with me to begin our work together here in Rome. 
It is timely that this first circular coincides with our celebration of the Feast of Angela Merici. As we set out on this new phase of our life together as Ursulines of the Roman Union, we remember Angela …