“You Are Full of Grace”

This Advent I think we all need to hear the words of the angel to Mary in this Sunday’s Gospel, but we need to hear those words spoken to each of us: “You are full of grace. The Lord is with you.”

We have been through some very dark months --- a global pandemic that is still ravaging, racial injustices that have smacked us in the face, and an election that proves just how tragically divided we are as a nation. Yes, we are enveloped in darkness. So hear this message: You are full of grace. The Lord is with you!

It may be dark and we may feel overwhelmed at times, but we are reassured that God walks with us. We are nearing the celebration of the birth of Christ – God literally coming into our world to walk with us, giving us strength for our journey. Like Mary, can we respond with a “YES” to this journey of bringing the light into the darkness?

Dianne Baumunk, OSU
Windsor, CA


Heartbeats, Vol. 5, No. 13       Fourth Week of Advent 2020

USA Roman Union Charism/Mission Team