Contemplating our path

Celebrating Incarnation 

25th December 2020

It seems to me that the Scriptures today tell us that there are three things we celebrate at Christmas

-    We celebrate the fact that Incarnation happened, long ago, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
-    We celebrate that God is amongst us, that Incarnation continues to happen in and through us.
-    And we celebrate that we are called to be heralds of that Good News.

Firstly, we celebrate Incarnation. When this child, Jesus …



Contemplating our path

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step  (Lao Tzu)

This last week of November offers an important moment of reflection for us as Ursulines of the Roman Union. The special days during this week provide the opportunity to consider again the gifts that we have received because we are daughters of St Angela, women of her Company, and members of the Roman Union – this Global Community.

On 25th November – Foundation Day, we remember the …



Contemplating our path

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step  (Lao Tzu) 

From time to time I stand on the terrace here at the Generalate and watch as the sun sets on the day. I did this recently, in the evening of the summer solstice, 20th June, when the sunset lasted for almost 40 minutes. It was as if the sun did not want to disappear that night!  As I allowed myself to be absorbed in the …