Contemplating our path


The astonishment of Easter

As Easter people, this must have an impact on the attitudes and mindset which we bring to every aspect of our lives.



Blessed Angela, fruitful olive in the house of God, pray for us

Our important days – Foundation of the Company on 25th November, and Roman Union Day on 28th November.



Courage, commitment and companionship

I find it helpful to reflect on why Angela Merici chose St Ursula as the one under whose patronage to place her young Company of Women.



Embracing Vulnerability on the Synodal Journey

We all have much to learn as we try to understand the vulnerable spaces we must enter if we want to take seriously the invitation to engage in a truly ‘synodal experience’.



What are these things you talk about as you walk along?

The Emmaus story - there is something about that question the stranger asks the disciples...



The reflections on our Ursuline story

It is not enough to begin,
if one does not also persevere



We are Easter People,
and Alleluia is our Song

Like Mary,
our hopes are often limited
by what we have previously experienced.
Resurrection hope is limitless, boundless,
allows for life beyond our imaginings.



Celebrating Incarnation

The Word is made flesh,
and does live among us,
we see and hear this Word,
full of grace and truth.
We are gifted, we are blessed,
and we are profoundly grateful.
And that is worth celebrating.



This last week of November offers an important moment of reflection for us as Ursulines of the Roman Union. The special days during this week provide the opportunity to consider again the gifts that we have received because we are daughters of St Angela, women of her Company, and members of the Roman Union – this Global Community.



From time to time I stand on the terrace here at the Generalate and watch as the sun sets on the day. I did this recently, in the evening of the summer solstice, 20th June, when the sunset lasted for almost 40 minutes. It was as if the sun did not want to disappear that night!  As I allowed myself to be absorbed in the beauty of the subtly changing colors, I knew that on the other side of the globe, this same sun would soon rise on a mid-winter day in Australia.