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International Tertianship 2022/23


On Tuesday, 15 November, the International Tertianship 2022/23 began at the Generalate in Rome. Eight sisters will create an international community.


Foundation of the Ursulines and of the Roman Union


During the month of November, we celebrate anniversaries that are important to us.


Merician Meeting in France


“Serviam, a growing fraternity, communities in formation” - This was the theme for the triennial meeting of the network of Ursulines of the Roman Union, consisting of 270 staff – volunteers, partners and nuns from France and Belgium.


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Mother Susan Flood

All is Interconnected - Life and Mission from the Perspective of Integral Ecology

As a global community of religious women we are committed to listening deeply as God speaks to us through every encounter – with our neighbour, with the earth, with the entire cosmos. Each person has a part to play in caring for our common home and its future. Together we recognise the gifts and respond to the challenges which face us as we deepen our commitment to an Integral Ecology. All is sacred, and all is interconnected.

Sr. Susan Flood osu
Prioress General

Where we are


Reflection corner

First Week of Advent

Reflection for First Week of Advent from 'Heart to Heart' Team - “It is the hour now for you to awake from sleep.”


Contemplating our path

Blessed Angela, fruitful olive in the house of God, pray for us

Our important days – Foundation of the Company on 25th November, and Roman Union Day on 28th November.


Piazza St. Angela


- November 2022 -



Looking back

The eleven Martyrs of Valenciennes

The Martyrs of Valenciennes was a group of eleven nuns from the Ursuline monastery who were guillotined by the revolutionaries in October 1794.


Interursuline Bullettins

Bulletin of the Ursulines of the Roman Union



Heart to Heart - November 2022

An Angela Response to the Reality of Our Times
This issue of Heart to Heart focuses on an Angela response to the needs of the homeless and the hungry.



Useful Ursuline resources
Handing on the Torch
Education Booklet


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Integral ecology

Listen to the Voice of God Through Creation

Do something, get moving for the good of all creation.


Mother Susan Flood

Ursulines of the Roman Union - Who we are?

Ursuline spirituality finds its first source in the Gospel and the following of Christ. It is enriched specifically by the spirituality of our foundress Saint Angela Merici.

Angela’s spirituality was centered on her intimate relationship to Jesus Christ who was her “only life and hope”.


Prayer Intentions

Dear Sister,
As a global community we will pray for a different Province, Group, Community dependent on the Generalate and other intentions of the Institute each day of the month.

Prayer for the deceased sisters

“We will all see each other in heaven,
for the Lover of us all wants this too”.
st Angela Merici

Let us pray for our Sisters whom it has pleased God to call to Himself


26.11      Sr Geraldine Kennedy - USA EAST

18.11      Sr Marie Xavier Le Bras
                - FRANCE/BELGIUM/SPAIN

13.11      Sr Elinor Shea - USA EAST

13.11      Sr Marie Robert Gastal
                 - FRANCE/BELGIUM/SPAIN

Death Notices