Heart to Heart - April 2022

Without a doubt, St. Angela’s legacy lives and thrives in our USA Roman Union schools!

Flowing out of recent international meetings of the Roman Union Ursulines was the desire as a global community to explore ways to move into new life. To that end the leadership of the USA Provinces formed a team with the focus “of being more intentional and collaborative in our efforts to facilitate and provide meaningful outreach in the areas of spirituality, charism, and formation to all those with whom we share our Ursuline story.” When the team first came together many ideas were shared as to how we might foster a deeper knowledge of Angela. Understanding that we are all “charism carriers,” we thought it would be meaningful to organize Charism Circles.

One thing has never been clearer – how much we value communication with one another and our connectedness in and to the charism of St. Angela. In her Writings, St. Angela reminds us to come together for conversation from time to time and to share matters of the heart. In order to continue to deepen and enliven both our communications with and connectedness to one another, we initiated the “Charism Circles.” These circles of reflection and conversation, centered on Angela’s charism, provide an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level. These circles are comprised of Roman Union Ursulines, associates, colleagues, and friends and have become sources of energy for all.

Most of the Charism Circles began meeting in January, 2022. We are happy
to share reflections from a variety of participants of these newly formed groups.

Heart to Heart - April 2022