Integral Ecology


Season of Hope

This Advent USA Ursulines JPIC Team provide a reflection each week focusing on HOPE for our earth. Thank you for sharing.

Their desire is that you will be filled with renewed hope for our common home and you will be inspired to new actions to further protect and sustain our mother earth. 

1. Active Hope Reflection ►

The reflection on active hope was prepared by Alice Marie Giordano of the USA Eastern Province.

2. Challenge to Hope ►

The second week of Advent reflection focuses on the challenge to hope and was prepared by Mary Ann Dooling of the USA Central Province.

3. Ecological Economy ►

The third week of Advent USA Ursulines JPIC team member Mary Dostal from the Western Province provides us with a reflection on Ecological Economy along with suggestions for action and reasons to celebrate.

4. Radiate Hope of New Life ►

This fourth week of Advent USA Ursulines JPIC Team's focus is on the hope we find as sparks of light in the darkness. Dianne Baumunk of the Western Province prepared this reflection and invites you to collect your own sparks of light and hope and share.

Another Spark for You
Sally Singingtree wrote a song for Advent this year and shared with the intention of it being passed along. 
So below is the full music score of Mary's Blessed Walk. Enjoy! Like Mary we each hold a radiant new light!