Integral Ecology


Listen to the Voice of God Through Creation

Through creation, we receive life.
We call our earth – Mother Earth.

God speaks through creation
Listen to the cry of our mother earth –

The creation is dying 
-    Because lack of water
-    Because of the long summer heat
-    Because trees are cut off for industrious purposes
-    Because of mining
It cries because it cannot give life to the creatures as a ‘mother’.


Happy are you who live in green areas with beautiful mountains and fresh air.

Happy are you who live in a shelter with an artificial cold or heater, enough water, food, and electricity.


But your mother is suffering because she cannot provide for all human beings and creatures the necessity they need. 


In this season of creation, 
let us listen to the voice of God through creation.

Do something, get moving 
for the good of all creation.

sr. Agatha Linda Chandra OSU