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Stations of the Cross - contemplation of images


IV - Meeting with the Virgin Mary, by Gaetano Previati, photo: Sailko, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped image

The Stations of the Cross service is celebrated in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican every Friday during Lent.

This year, once again, 14 oil paintings on canvas depicting the Way of the Cross have been installed in the transept and nave of the Basilica for this occasion. They are works of the "Passion of the Christ" by the artist Gaetano Previati, stored in the Vatican Museum.

Some of the Sisters of the Generalate have been able to attend this prayer. We thought that it would be worth seeing these paintings. Below is a link where you can see pictures of the paintings to help you meditate on the mysteries of the Way of the Cross.

"Passion of the Christ" - Gaetano Previati ►