Feast of St Mary of the Incarnation


Feast of St Mary of the Incarnation

Mary of the IncarnationOn 30 April we celebrate the memory of the French Ursuline Saint, Mary of the Incarnation, mystic and missionary to Canada in the 17th Century. Named "Teresa of the New World", Mary of the Incarnation is venerated in Canada as "Mother of the Canadian Church" and as "Mother of the Fatherland".






  • There is an article about a new film “Le Sang du pelican” in which St Mary of the Incarnation is the main character. The movie is a blend of fiction and documentary - the result of 30 years of work by Quebec cinematographer Denis Boivin. The movie begins in 2018, when the spirit of Marie de l’Incarnation returns to console the last Ursuline sisters who, due to old age, must leave the monastery she founded over 375 years ago.