Cacti in the garden of the Generalate


Cacti in the garden of the Generalate

In the Generalate's garden, when summer is in full swing and the sun is shining strongly, most plants look forward to the cooler weather. However, this is a great season for cacti, which are just then blooming and enjoying the sun. We hope you enjoy looking at the cacti and succulents in our garden. 

Spiky and oddly shaped cacti don't seem to be very approachable. But when they burst into flower, everyone admires their beauty. Maybe it is a lesson in patience for us in life when we sometimes experience thorns of difficulty to wait for the beautiful flowers.


"...our every pain and sadness will turn into joy and gladness, and thorny and rocky roads we will find flower-strewn for us, paved with finest gold..."

St Angela Merici, Rule, Prologue, 27