During the novena to st Angela


During the novena to st Angela

On 27 January we celebrate the feast of St. Angela Merici, our foundress.
For the novena, we invite you to pray with a picture and a quotation each day. The pictures of St Angela Merici are from the Generalate house.

- 1 -

st Angela Merici

Also, tell them that now I am more alive than I was when they saw me in the flesh, and that now I see them and know them better. And can and want to help them more.
And that I am continually among them with my Lover, or rather ours, the Lover of us all, provided they believe and do not lose heart and hope.

 (St Angela, 5th Counsel, 35-39)


- 2 -

st Angela Merici

And so, let each one strive to strip herself of everything, and to place all her wealth, and love, and delight, not in goods, not in food and gluttony, not in relatives and friends, not in herself and in her own resources and knowledge, but in God alone and in his gentle and ineffable Providence alone.

(St Angela, Rule X, 8-13)


- 3 -

St Angela Merici

And seek to spread peace and concord where they are. Above all let them be humble and gentle.
And let all their behaviour, their actions and their words be with charity; and let them bear everything with patience, for with these two virtues especially, one crushes the head of the devil.

(St Angela, 5th Counsel, 16-18)


- 4 -

St Angela Merici

We are called to so glorious a life as to be spouses of the Son of God and to become queens in heaven.

(St Angela, Rule, Prologue 17)


- 5 -

St Angela Merici

Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to him with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvellous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of his Majesty and the good of souls.

(St Angela, Counsels, Prologue, 15-18)


- 6 -

St Angela Merici


Then that you strive with all your might to remain as you are called by God, and to seek and desire all the ways and means necessary to persevere and make progress to the very end.

For it is not enough to begin, if one does not also persevere. That is why Truth says: "Qui perseveraverit usque in finem, hic salvus erit": the one who has persevered to the end, that one will be saved.

(Rule, Prologue 9-11)



- 7 -

St Angela merici


Let them have Jesus Christ for their only treasure, for there also will be love.

(St Angela, 5th Counsels, 43)


- 8 -

St Angela 

May the strength and true consolation of the Holy Spirit be in you all, so that you can sustain and carry out vigorously and faithfully the charge laid upon  you.

(St Angela, Counsels, Prologue 3-4)


- 9 -

St Angela Merici 

Live in harmony, united together, all of one heart and one will. And I shall always be in your midst, helping your prayers.

(St Angela, Last Counsel, 1. 20)