We choose life


We choose life

Sr AnnaRosa Porro OSU from the Italian Province participated in the walk for life held in Rome in May 2022.

On 21 May, I went with some  families from our parish in Setteville, to participate in the walk for life.  We walked together with families, children, teenagers and grandparents.  More than 100 associations and organisations from all over Italy came to Rome and marched through the streets of the capital, in a procession that stretched from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, as part of the national initiative 'Let's choose life'.

This event was also an occasion for celebration, thanks to the performance by the group The Sun, active for over 20 years and who were awarded in 2013 for their 'commitment to the common good' at the Festival of Social Doctrine in Verona.  Their song “Un buon motivo per vivere” was the soundtrack for the event.  There was a moment of unity under the banner of that culture of care outlined by Pope Francis, understood as 'a common, solidarity-based and participatory commitment to protect and promote the dignity and good of all, as a disposition to take an interest, to pay attention, to have compassion'.

A fundamental right
"We wanted to reaffirm that the right to life is the first fundamental right of every human being, whose inviolable respect is the precondition for a free, just and peaceful society, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," said one of the spokesmen of the event - together with Maria Rachele Ruiu - Massimo Gandolfini.

It was a strong and meaningful moment for everyone... I invite you to look at the photos!

Sr AnnaRosa Porro OSU