Some news from Kenya


Some news from Kenya

We have some good news to share from our Ursuline sisters in the Kenya group.

Formation of the temporary professed Ursuline sisters in the Kenya group

The formation process requires patience and understanding as young adults are in the process of exploring their beliefs and values. They may have questions, doubts, and uncertainties about religious concepts and teachings.

It is essential to give them the space to express their thoughts and provide thoughtful and understanding responses. Young sisters may be grappling with personal issues, peer pressure or identity exploration. Patience allows them to develop trust and know that they have a compassionate mentor or community they can rely on.

On the Pentecost weekend at the end of May, the sisters responsible for the Eastern part of Kenya met with the temporary professed sisters to create an environment that nurtures their spiritual growth, encourages open dialogue, and supports their individual journeys of faith. We are sharing with you some photos of that day. 


In June we received new postulants in our group - Joyce and Grace.


13th July 2023 - the blessing and laying of the foundation stone for St. Ursula junior secondary school. It was a successful event. The construction officially began.