International Tertianship 2023/24


International Tertianship 2023/24

On Friday, 15 September, the International Tertianship 2023/24 began at the Generalate in Rome.

Fourteen sisters will create an international community.  They come from Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Thailand.  The director of the tertianship is Sr Susan Kienzler OSU from USA Central.  It is a joy to have two Tildonk Ursulines join the program again after several years away.

The tertianship is an opportunity for the tertian

•    to spend un-hurried time with Jesus in the Scriptures, grounding her life more firmly in God.
•    on a personal level to experience and savor our internationality.
•    to experience a broader and different view of Church.
•    to reflect more deeply on our charism, history and heritage as Ursulines.
•    a thirty-day retreat which offers time for a deep experience of conversion and renewed direction.
•    time for pilgrimage, touching the holy places of our foundations and our Church

On Friday, September 15 the tertians began their time of renewal with an Opening Prayer service.  The opening Eucharist was celebrated later that evening in the St. Angela Chapel.

Now that Covid restrictions have eased, several of the sisters have been able to have immersion experiences in a few of the provinces.  Thank you to those sisters who helped to make these visits possible.

They are grateful for your prayerful support during this important time in their lives.