Revive to New Heights


Revive to New Heights

"Revive to New Heights" is the theme chosen for the celebration of the 165th anniversary of Saint Ursula Jakarta, Indonesia following reflection by representatives from each school and the sisters. This theme was selected with the hope of reminding everyone currently at Saint Ursula Jakarta to continue to evolve and adapt to the changing times.


165th anniversary of Saint Ursula JakartaA series of events have been organized to celebrate the 165th anniversary of Saint Ursula Jakarta. One of the recent activities was an Arts Performance held on August 19, 2023. The Arts Perfomance featured monologues, dances, and theatrical dramas that depicted how the work of the Ursuline sisters spread to various parts of the world. It began with Saint Angela Merici in Brescia and expanded to different continents, including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. This performance was specifically supported by the Santa Ursula Orchestra, which accompanied the show, and it concluded with an impressive performance by the Saint Ursula Marching Brass. The participants included students from early childhood education to high school, as well as teachers and administrative staff, totaling around 700 people. The event was organized by a committee consisting of teachers, students, and alumni, showcasing the unity of the Saint Ursula Jakarta family.    

165th anniversary of Saint Ursula Jakarta

The Arts Performance, attended by approximately 1,100 spectators, became even more special because Sister Susan Flood, the Prioress General of the Ursuline Sisters, and members of her council were also present during their visit to Indonesia. In her address, Sister Susan expressed her joy at being present at the Arts Performance event. She emphasized that 165 years is not a short period, and many people have contributed through their commitment to shape Saint Ursula into what it is today. She called upon all to live this mission. As Saint Angela instructed her followers to tend to the vineyard entrusted to them by God, so too are we, as members of the Santa Ursula community, responsible for nurturing the vine that God has entrusted to us. With faith and trust, we believe that this vine will continue to bear fruit. Sister Susan also presented a plaque featuring Saint Ursula of Cologne as a token of remembrance.

In addition to the Arts Performance, various exhibitions of student work were displayed in front of the theatre building for visitors to enjoy.

Sr. Susan looked at the project using Virtual Reality


January 18, 1859, marked the beginning of the Ursuline Sisters' work in Weltevreden, starting with two sisters who rented a house in Pasar Baru and began educating children from the neighbourhood. Over time, they were able to acquire the land that is now the Saint Ursula campus. This has been made possible thanks to God's guidance, the dedication of the early sisters, and, of course, the teachers and staff. Various activities will be held throughout the year to make this celebration memorable, including Open Campus, Family Day, Homecoming Alumnae, and culminating in the Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration on January 18, 2024.