The peace circle


The peace circle

—  Some news from Greece  — 



Every year, from 21 September, anniversary of the birth of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, until 21 October, feast of Saint Ursula, the schools in Maroussi and Psychico, Greece celebrate the "Month of Peace".

This year, in 2023, the children of the Kindergarten and Démotique (Primary) schools have prepared peace wreaths with drawings and slogans. These wreaths are hung on the door of each class. If you come in, it means you want to be a peace builder.

Pupils from the Gymnasium and Lykeo wrote poems and collected prayers and poems about peace. They made origami birds of peace in various colours. The "Peace Circle" took place on 23 October. All the pupils gathered for a prayer, the reading of some of the poems and a minute's silence. Then, holding the strings linking the birds of peace to each other, they formed a large circle for peace, quietly, all around the courtyard. They then released white balloons with the word "Peace" written on them in many different languages.

We were very moved by the atmosphere of silence and even contemplation of all these young people; in our opinion, the teachers, members of staff and educators gave a strong testimony of hope, very much in the spirit of John Baptist de La Salle and Angela Merici.




Friday 3 November 2023

At the beginning of November, together with Sister Agni Alperti, an Ursuline who now lives in the city of Tinos, we joined Bishop Josef Printezis, the parish priest P. Giannis Sklavos, friends and parishioners at the monastery of Lutra to take part in a Eucharist celebrated for our deceased sisters.

For the Mass, we gathered in St Michael's Chapel, one of the garden chapels, before praying at the tombs of our sisters.

Then, with all the participants, we were invited to the Serviam Café, a friendly place set up by the Caritas of the Islands in the old buildings of the monastery, bakery, cobbler's shop, etc. These buildings are currently being beautifully restored using traditional techniques.

During the summer and on special occasions, Caritas welcomes tourists visiting the Ursuline Museum in Lutra and families from the surrounding area. The restoration project is gradually moving ahead, thanks to generous craftsmen and many volunteers.

We appreciated the family spirit, the mutual aid and the good humour. In this way, Lutra shows the face of a Church that is familial and supportive.


sr Marie Claudine Deransy et sr Brigitte Brunet