Celebrating a century of commitment and art


Celebrating a century of commitment and art


100th birthday of Sister Pia Göbel - Peru

In a corner of the world where faith and art are intertwined, Mother Pia Göbel has dedicated her 100 years of life to a unique vocation, fusing her love for God with her passion for the arts. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Mother Pia has left an indelible mark on the religious and artistic community, especially in Peru.

Mother Pia's story began in her youth, when she decided to consecrate her life to God at the early age of 26. Before that divine call, she immersed herself in the world of art, studying in her homeland and acquiring a degree in the subject. However, her path took her beyond the German borders to Peru in 1950, where she received the holy habit five years later in Havana, Cuba.

With a fervent desire to teach, Mother Pia faced a challenge in Peru, as her German art degree was not valid in this country. However, instead of giving up, she decided to validate her degree, this time at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher at Santa Ursula School.

Mother Pia, in keeping with the fundamental values of the Ursuline Order, has instilled in her students values that endure over time. Ethical behavior and honesty are virtues she has emphasized, creating an educational environment where responsibility, solidarity and spirit of service are fundamental pillars. Respect and tolerance, faith, as well as care for life and the environment, are values that Mother Pia has fervently transmitted to generations of students.

Since then, Mother Pia has been a key figure in the Ursuline Order, getting involved with dedication and carrying out numerous works of social aid. Her work expanded along with the Ursuline Order to needy communities, such as the Miramar neighborhood in San Miguel, the children with special abilities of the "La Alegria del Sefior" school, the San José de Miramar school and the Pachacütec mission in Ventanilla, where since 1951 the work of catechesis and help to the children began. In 1958, the vision of the Ursuline Order crystallized with the opening of the San José School in Miramar, becoming a beacon of education and hope for the poor inhabitants of the community.

On the occasion of her 100 years of life, the Ursuline Order has decided to pay tribute to Mother Pia in a unique way, through a virtual art gallery, by accessing the link ►, where 20 works selected from the more than one hundred works painted by Mother Pia herself will be exhibited, allowing everyone to appreciate the artistic skill and imagination that she displayed throughout her life.

These canvases, created with Chinese ink, reflect the greatness of her heart, capturing the essence of people in both Germany and Peru. The virtual gallery, accessible to all through the link provided, is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Mother Pia's artistic world and a gift for those who wish to explore the richness of her creativity.

Mother Pia Göbel, a woman whose legacy transcends the limits of time, has left an indelible mark in the history of the Ursuline Order and in the communities she has touched with her love, passion and brush, as is the case of her time in Jarpa in Junin, in the 80's, when she shared her art and evangelization with the poor and disabled children of this community.

In this centenary of her life, we also celebrate her religious commitment, recognizing her unique contribution to the art world as a profound expression of her connection with the divine.

Colegio Santa Ursula


virtual art gallery ►