Celebration of 165 years St. Ursula, Jakarta


Celebration of 165 years St. Ursula, Jakarta

January 18, 2024 marks the celebration of the 165th anniversary of the St. Ursula Convent and Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It all began with three Ursuline sisters from Noordwijk, Netherlands, who later became known as the St. Maria Convent in Jakarta, moving to a rented house around ‘Pasar Baru’ on January 18, 1859. They were deeply concerned about the education of children in the surrounding area. As the number of children they served grew, they dared to purchase a house with the assistance of the Apostolic Vicariate at that time, now known as the St. Ursula Convent and Schools on Jalan Pos 2 Jakarta, formerly known as ‘Weltevreden’.

The celebration of 165 years began in 2023, with various activities held to commemorate it, such as Open House for Vocation Promotion, Art Performances, Open House for Promoting School, Family Day, Home Coming Alumnae, Social Service, and culminating in the Eucharistic celebration held on January 18, 2024.

This celebration is a manifestation of faith that God is accompanying the journey of the Saint Ursula Community. It is only by God's grace that this school and convent can endure. The Eucharistic celebration was led by His Excellency Cardinal Ignatius Suharyo, the Archbishop of Jakarta, along with four other priests. In this celebration, we also expressed gratitude for the role and work of the sisters, educators, educational staff, and supporters who have enriched this school. The presence of Sister Angelique van Laarhoven OSU from the Netherlands was very meaningful to us; her presence was a manifestation of gratitude and appreciation for the sisters from the Netherlands who pioneered the mission in Indonesia.

In line with the school's vision of being technology-based, and heeding the call of His Holiness Pope Francis to pay attention to our environment, the use of a Reverse Vending Machine was officially inaugurated during this celebration. By using this machine, plastic waste can be exchanged for points automatically.  These plastic bottles can be processed and turned into reusable items such as shoes, bags, and various other useful products. The hope is that the use of this digital-based machine will further enhance students' awareness of their environment.   Even used plastic bottles can become a blessing.


May this celebration be a historic milestone for the Ursuline sisters in Indonesia, especially at the St. Ursula Convent, and may the St. Ursula School in Jakarta and move  be renewed and move into the future along God’s chosen path.


Sr Moekti Gondosasmito OSU