Corse of Safeguarding


Corse of Safeguarding

Three Ursulines completed the Safeguarding Diploma Course at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome on the 14th June and we were all delighted that they received their Diplomas.

Srs Marley Santos and Velúzia Rodrigues do Nascim from the province of Brazil arrived at the Generalate on the 25th January to begin the Spanish speaking course, starting on the 5th February.

Sr Christine Aoko Oluoch from the Kenya group, arrived here at the Generalate on the 18th April, having completed the first part of the English speaking Safeguarding Diploma course online in Kenya, starting on the 12 February.  Her course at the Gregorian started on the 22nd April.

Their presence has been a great joy for all of us and it is with sadness that we are now saying goodbye to them as they leave to return to Brazil and Kenya.