Adoration of the Mystery


Adoration of the Mystery

For Christmas this year Sr Anna Rosa Porro OSU from Italy made a series of nativity scenes from stones she found by the sea in Fondi. In an artistic way she combined what nature had produced, the natural shapes of the small stones and she has hidden a spiritual message in her work.


A reflection on a nativity scene made of stones

Here is a small Christmas crib on wood. I created it with stones, small stones. I collected stones on the beach of the Tyrrhenian Sea where creation has left its marks...

Adoration of the Mystery is its title.  At the top, three or one heart-shaped stone. It is a symbol of the Trinity who sends his Son, Jesus, our salvation, from heaven to fill us with his Holy Spirit and to walk in a new life. AT the bottom, the Holy Family shining with light invites us to adore the Baby God! CHRISTMAS! 

"Now I am laying a stone in Zion, a chosen, precious cornerstone and no one who relies on this will be brought to disgrace”. (1 Pet 2,6) What immense privilege! God himself comes to dwell in us. He comes to change our heart of stone, into a heart of flesh, to make us a living stone of his Holy Temple. "Do not fear, I am with you."

CHRISTMAS! We can only thank God for all that he puts in our path as a stimulus to our doing and our being and for how His presence succeeds in drawing out of us that treasure that He Himself has wisely placed. The beauty of creation and re-creation!

"Lord, be for me the rock, my place of strength where I may be safe. For you are my Rock and my strong tower." (Ps 30, 2-4)

Let me enter the abyss of your divine love and into my house founded on the rock, Christ Jesus. Deposit in my heart the people and the history that you are giving me... We were born to give a name to the salvation that all are waiting for, to welcome and give the world EMMANUEL!

Merry Christmas
Sr. Anna Rosa


Explanation of this crib in an octagonal wooden plate with stones from Fondi which the General Council has received:

At the top there are seven hearts: the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that helps us to enter into the mystery of God incarnate, the child in Bethlehem, Emmanuel.

Below is the crib and above there are all the persons from the General Council... in adoration of the mystery, all thinking of the eighth day that awaits us, the new life that begins here and will find its fulfilment in heaven...