Hope! Believe! Trust! A prayer for the Feast of St. Angela 2021


Hope!  Believe! Trust! A prayer for the Feast of St. Angela 2021

Special prayer for the feast of St Angela from USA Central Province.

We are grateful to Srs. Madonna O'Hara and Mary Ellen Neeves from USA Central Province, who prepared this special prayer for the USA Roman Union Charism/Mission Team and they share this with us.


Hope!  Believe! Trust!
A prayer for the Feast of St. Angela 2021


GardaAt a time in our history when so many have experienced the pain of loss, illness and insecurity, we find in the words of St. Angela reason to hope, to believe and to trust. She is a woman whose wisdom can guide us as we walk life’s journey through 2021.

She speaks to us now in her Fifth Counsel:

“Let them hold this as most certain
that they will never be abandoned in their needs.
God will provide for them wonderfully”

The strength of Angela’s convictions is also reflected in the Prologue to her Rule:

“I have this firm and unquestioning faith and hope in infinite divine goodness,
that not only shall we easily overcome all dangers and adversities,
but to our great glory and jubilation we shall defeat them.”

With Angela, and in union with our brothers and sisters throughout the world and with all of creation, we have reason to sing and pray.


“Do Not Fear to Hope”

(Words and Music by Rory Cooney)

Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd2ZERJ9n5I

Do not fear to hope though the wicked rage and rise,
our God sees not as we see, success is not the prize.
Do not fear to hope for though the night be long,
the race shall not be to the swift, the fight not to the strong.

Look to God when victory seems out of justice’ sight.
Look to God whose mighty hand
brought forth the day from the chaos of the night.

Look to God when reason fails and terror reigns in the night.
Look upon the crucified
and see beyond into Easter’s dawning light.

Hope is for a pilgrim people looking for a promised land;
Hope is like a rose in winter, or an open hand.
It celebrates the light of morning, while working in the dark and cold.
It gathers us together, to share what we’ve been told.

(After the song, repeat the quotes above from the Fifth Counsel and Prologue.)



A Reflection

“To Have Hope”

AngelaTo have hope
Is to believe that history continues open
To the dream of God and to human creativity.

To have hope
Is to continue affirming
That it is possible to dream a different world,
Without hunger, without injustice,
Without discrimination.

To have hope
Is to be a courier of God
And courier of men and women of good will,
Tearing down walls, destroying borders,
Building bridges.

To have hope
Is to believe in the revolutionary potential of faith,
Is to leave the door open so that
The Spirit can enter and make all things anew.

To have hope
Is to believe that life wins over death.

To have hope
Is to begin again as many times as necessary.

To have hope
Is to believe that hope is not
The last thing that dies.

To have hope
Is to believe that hope cannot die,
That hope no longer dies.

To have hope
Is to live.

(Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, Honduras. Used with Permission)


As you reflect on “To Have Hope,”
what speaks to you in relation to today’s reality?

May the words of this prayer take flesh in us
so that our homes and our lived experiences
will be the holy ground of God’s presence in our world today.

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