SERVIAM in Trnava


SERVIAM in Trnava

Our sisters from Slovakia and senior students from the Angela Merici High School in Trnava participated in the Covid test assistance program.

Nationwide testing for coronavirus has been taking place in Slovakia. Our sisters Sr. Damiána, Sr. Marianna, Sr. Mária-Rita, Sr. Mária and some senior students from the Angela Merici High School in Trnava participated as volunteer helpers. 

The experience of volunteering through the eyes of Sr. Mária: 

These were exhausting days, but what still remains in me is a rare experience and a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for working in a team that included medics, city administrators, soldiers, police officers and indeed gratitude for each person who came.  I am proud that during my first weekend we tested almost 1,000 people in two days.

I was pleased by the kind and patient approach of the medical staff towards the large number of people who came for testing. Some of those tested felt fear, others had had previous bad experiences and now had a chance to replace them with new ones, whilst others were in a good mood.  It was pleasing to hear some warm words from them.

With gratitude for this time, when we were able to contribute to the protection of the health and lives of people in Trnava and Slovakia.  I continue to pray with my sisters that God may continue to accompany us all with His mighty hand in this extraordinary time which is challenging for many of us. 

I also ask: What are you, God, calling us to do at this time and in this place?

Sr. Maria, OSU