Spring time in Rome


Spring time in Rome

We are in the time of Lent, which invites us to return to what truly gives us life. And in the garden of the Generalate new life is already awakening, spring is coming and giving us much joy.  

We want to share a little of that warmth, especially since winter is still here in some parts of the world. Let photos and poetry help us to do so.


*     *     *
In the nest of plants with their green foliage 
and embellished by a few late clusters of flowers, 
time unfolds horizontally and the word becomes mute 
and the flight of birds take your thoughts upward with them.
Green parrots, doves and white seagulls dance in the blue sky.
Trunk, leaves, green, flowers, air, wind
Words and Concepts
in the vision that attracts me and unravels as if it were real.
I stand motionless before this triumph of nature, 
my body, almost a statue.
While my soul surrenders to new perceptions.
A new ERA is coming.
So I climb along the smooth trunk of the linden tree 
as if I were walking on the path that leads from it to home.
I am, I know, I feel a fibre of the Infinite.
Many are the Ursuline sisters who have seen this spectacle.
We are home.

sr Elena Arcese OSU