Clip Lamenting the Martyrs of Orange


Clip Lamenting the Martyrs of Orange

32 religious, including 16 Ursulines, were among the several hundred martyrs of Orange at the time of the French Revolution. They gave their lives in faithfulness to their Catholic faith, to Jesus, to the Church and to the vows they had pronounced. Now the 32 Blessed Martyrs of Orange are on their way to being canonized.

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About the canonization :

Sr Théotiste, a religious from this group, composed a lament. This lament was set to music and put into a clip during spring 2021. The lament is sung by Ann Cayre.

With the subtitles in French :

The lyrics of the song:

Far from the guillotine
causing me any fear,
its appearance grieving me
and troubling my heart,
my God makes me see in it
a very precious way
which by a new path
leads me straight to heaven.

If nature's voice
was speaking to me a little too loudly,
if the face of torture
was making me fear death,
my spouse who always watches
over my true happiness
with his matchless kindness
would become my protector.

If I fear for my weakness,
in God I place my hope.
I expect everything from his tenderness.
My strength is in his power.
He gives me courage
calling me to battle.
My strength is his work,
oh, I am not mistaken;

No, no, I have nothing to fear,
assisted by such a good help.
Ungrateful, should I complain
if God still supports me?
If the guillotine worries
the weak mind, a feeble heart
I can fear its appearance,
but its end does not frighten me.

Who fears you, Oh guillotine!
in my opinion, would be very wrong!
If you give us a hard look,
you still lead us to a safe harbour.
If you seem cruel to us,
it is for our true happiness.
An eternal crown
is the prize of your rigour.